UCAS Points – the other side of the coin…

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PwC have recently announced they are dropping UCAS points as part of their criteria to apply for their graduate programmes. But let’s not forget that a number of other firms have been doing this for some time such as IBM & Grant Thornton to name but two. The overall massage from the graduate recruiter and university community to this news is very positive, as we all know UCAS points, like the degree classification, are a very blunt instrument to assess future performance and fit to an organisation.

But in discussion with another employer we started talking about it from another point of view…

If you are a student who has worked really hard to get ‘top’ grades at A level and then are told they don’t matter so much, as those with lesser grades than you will now be able to apply to these top firms. How would that make you feel both about that firm and your efforts to get top grades?

We will be conducting some research on this question across our huge network of schools and young people.  Let me know if you want to see the results first!

But all this is proof that things are never as easy or clear cut as we might think!

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