How much employer engagement with students makes a difference?

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According to a recent report published by United Futures related to the impact that student engagement with employers can make for both the students and organisations, it states:

“The most promising evidence relates to the impact on young people’s employment prospects and earning potential. A UK study found that, after controlling for other influences, four per cent of young people who had experienced four or more employer engagement activities were not in education, employment and training (NEETs), compared to 26% of those who had no experience of employer engagement (Mann 2011).”

The same study showed that each employer engagement activity was correlated with a four per cent increase in wages (c.£750).

So, as an employer just 4 engagement activities (and it does not all have to be with your with your organisation) with potential recruits produces more employable young people.

And for young people seeking employment that level of enagement does not just make you more employable but also increases your earning potential.

Food for thought?

PS If you want a copy of the research just drop me a line and I will forward you the link


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