How to be innovative on Campus and Deliver Clear ROI

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On Campus ‘saturation’ is becoming a real challenge. Getting in front of good quantities of engaged students is one of the key aims for any effective attraction strategy. But with more and more firms doing this and most delivering the same or similar event content, saturation and with it, poorly attended events are becoming a problem or at the very least a growing risk when planning what events to do and what resource to commit – in essence the ROI argument for events is becoming tougher. The expression if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got, springs to mind. So how can you ensure the best students come to your session and not someone else’s? We, at Bright Futures, believea solution comes from the students themselves.

In short be at someone else’s too! Our Bright Futures Societies have been running increasingly more ‘multi-company events’, where a number of companies (say 4 or 5) attend the same event, each taking part in different ways. It still has the ‘one on one feel’ of a ‘solus’ event but more good students attend (typically between 30 and 100). This can mean having your competitors in the same room but let’s be honest odds on the students will be applying to them as well as you.

One of the other advantages of this multi-company approach is that you will come into contact with students that your brand might not normally attract, so great from a diverse candidate pool point of view. For example we ran an event with a bank, a professional services organisation and a law firm, they each met and generated applications from students who had not planned (before the event) to apply to them. So these multi company events can be same sector or multi sector, which ever they are you will meet more great talent than if you keep trying to do it alone every time.

The other benefit is with stretched or reduced resources you can attend less events but get in front of more students.

Yes, I know this idea of multi company events is happening already elsewhere, but only as an additional, on-off style of activity rather than a key format.

In these times of austerity, with more pressure to reduce spend and less resource but an expectation that the same or better needs to be delivered, and the absolute need for clear ROI, we at Bright Futures believe collaboration is the key, including with your competitors!


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