An 8.7% drop in applications for University for 2012…

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So what will those who cannot or choose not to go to University do?


According to a recent survey by TMP nearly half of AGR (the Association of Graduate Recruiters) members want to also hire school leavers.

And of the 250,000 A level students just 38,000 are thinking about a career immediately from school. But as we all know with the much higher tuition fees from 2012 it is inevitable that more school leavers will consider going straight into a career (and perhaps coming back to education in a few years).

This group of students creates an opportunity for employers to hire great talent onto school leaver or apprenticeship programmes but also a challenge, namely how to tap into such a much larger market (over 5000 secondary schools) than their HE market (with c100 universities) and how to do it with limited time & resource?

What secondary schools want for their students is not that different to Higher Education. Yes they want careers insights for students but also skills assessment and development and very importantly they want consistent engagement from employers. Schools however face a big challenge in achieving this in that most don’t have the time to fully manage this at the level they would like it delivered. So both employers and schools face a similar conundrum – how to build relationships and meaningfully engage but with very limited time & resource. The view therefore is that this engagement between schools and employers needs brokering.


Bright Futures are thus taking their successful HE Society model where we provide employers a ready made platform of talent across UK Universities to tap into and rolling that same approach out into schools. We already have our first school signed up with more wanting to do the same.


So work with us at Bright Futures in helping our young people make the right decision, at the right time for the right career.


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