New ways to hire intern & graduate talent

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As one recruitment cycle comes towards a close and planning for the next begins, the talk in the graduate recruitment world continues about how to find the best talent and with less ‘pain’. And we keep hearing from our Bright Futures Society members how they continue to be frustrated by long & drawn out recruitment processes, which if they are unsuccessful with, they get no value from – despite employers best efforts in giving those who get to final stages some feedback.

I do not have the ‘silver bullet’ but I do (as ever!) have some more ideas….

Bright Futures held the National Finals of our ‘Business Champions’ competition this month, hosted at PwC offices in London, where students, working in teams, came up with a big idea that would make money in 3 months. We gave them some seed funding, a mentor and training from our sponsor PwC, then cut them lose! We started out with 28 teams & were down to 4 for the finals. The Finalists (from 1st years to PhDs) were truly amazing both with the ideas they made a reality as well as the money they made – all of which went to charity.

But rather than leave it at that, every member of the winning team (from The University of Bath) were then given internship by PwC and the runners up (from The University of Exeter) all secured a place on the PwC Academy. No long application forms to fill out; no telephone interviews to be subjected to and no assessment centres. And here is where it gets even better, the students, regardless if they won or not, learned so much from this experience, unlike normal recruitment processes which are so one-way and painful for all! Plus our sponsor came into contact with some really different students at various stages of their time at University.

But if you are thinking that sounds like a large project to do on your own…

This month I also judged on a CV competition run by our local University and the winner of that competition now works for us – the easiest & quickest hire I have ever made. I was on campus for less than 30 minutes!

And just to confirm how effective it can be I have since been told by one of the academics at that University she is one of the brightest & most capable students in the year.

And then of course there was my P.S. from February’s blog…(‘Who gets the best jobs’)

All this goes to show there are alternative ways to hire great talent that take less time, are less painful (for everyone concerned & can even be enjoyable!) and really importantly where the students can actually learn a lot from the process.

PS We are running Business Champions again this year & making it even bigger….interested?!


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