How to attract great graduates in a recession…honesty!

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Recent Research from TMP shows that undergraduates know (or at the very least expect) that the recession has taken it’s toll on graduate recruiters, in terms of numbers.

They expect to hear from employers that it has been tough and want to know how they responded to it. They won’t believe employers who said it had no impact, in fact 70% would not apply to an organisation who did not acknowledge the impact of the recession!

And undergraduates value the fact employers are still on campus despite the recession. So in short good honest AND consistent communication enhances brand.

Those companies therefore who have been been honest about the challenges of the last 18 months AND remained on campus (i.e. not disappeared) will reap the benefits. 

And finally…a great comment which cuts through all the noise about social media, from Neil Harrison at TMP, “use social media to engage students but not to sell them a job”


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