Opportunities for Graduates looking better but…

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With the range of companies we work there is good news for graduates…the larger companies are either recruiting again or increasing their numbers of graduate job opportunities. Not in huge numbers but we are seeing more positive activity.

There is however a caveat…graduate employers are being even more demanding in terms of what they want and expect. And the general trend is to look far beyond academic achievement. For example, they want to employ graduates who really want to work hard, so they will be looking to see evidence of a strong work ethic, so this means going the extra mile with research; turning up early at interviews; being keen and not expecting it all to be handed out on a plate. Today every employee is expected to do more in less time and often for less money.

The world has got even tougher and even more demanding for everyone and employers need their employees to rise to this challenge. The graduates who win in this new world will be those who do not rely on what they have done in the past as being a ticket to a big career and big money but realise that the more you put in (every day from today) the more you get out.


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