The Recession won’t change a Generation

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A recent survey from Universum has shown that banks and the financial services sector are still hugely popular employers for graduates, with the most popular employer being a bank (well done JP Morgan!); and work life balance remains the number one focus with job security only coming third.

This on the surface may be a surprise but if you think about it the banks have put huge investment over the years into their graduate brand and are now really seeing the value & return on that investment – a number of other sectors should take note of this!    

But most importantly it shows that this generation of graduates (the Gen Y’ers) have been ‘formed and shaped’ from their experiences over the last 20 years – so they still remain self assured & highly confident and want the life they want – a recession however deep cannot erode 20 years of ‘value’ shaping. So all those of us who thought “a good recession would sort the out”  and get them “thinking more realistically” need to think again! Generation Y’ers are here to stay and with it their values and attitudes remain very much intact and embedded.


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