“Wealth is made by the risk takers not the risk avoiders”

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A great article in the Times on 12th october – ‘Forget number crunching. Realise the dream’ written by Roger Mavity CEO of Conran Holdings – caught my attention last week. He makes the point that we as a nation have become obsessed with analysis and numbers to support any and all our decisions, we do everything we can to avoid risk so much so that we stifle imagination and creativity. Yet we also know that the greatest achievements have come from ‘wild’ ideas and a belief in them from an individual with real belief in them. He cites the designer of the iPod, Jonathan Eve, and that Steve Jobs at Apple just recognised something great and ran with it rather than measure it to death before he did anything with it.  We are too lead by control-obsessed people (you only have to look at our current Prime Minister) lacking in big ideas and vision to see this – to grow, to develop, to innovate (and to get out of this recession fast!) we need dreamers, we need visionaries, we need risk takers and we need companies to give their people the space, freedom and trust to do exactly that.


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