Peer2Peer Networks Made Easy

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A recent article in the AGR Magazine ‘The Graduate Recruiter’ written by Tom Freeman of The Sanctuary Group discussed the issue of peer2peer networking. It works, he states, as it reaches beyond those accessed by traditional media – getting to the 90% who don’t go to careers fairs and presentations – it is ‘unthreatening’ to students, and the information circulated (this has to be clearly communicated by the employer to these network influencers) has credibility as it comes from students peers.

He goes onto say that the key to harnessing this tool is ‘campus networks’ as the success of peer2peer networking is driven by the size of the network, the extent of it’s connections, it’s talent and it’s proactivity. So the advice is – and I agree with it – develop such networks. But this will take time and be expensive so my extra advice would be, to make life easier, tap into those already in place (like Bright Futures, well I had to plug it a bit!)


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