Who says getting a job should be easy?

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Listening to alot of the media at the moment on how tough it is for graduates to get a job, I feel alot of sympathy for them. But something else strikes me about this whole debate which is the implication that being a graduate makes getting a good job a ‘given’ or indeed easy. This may have been the case decades ago and in the crazy boom times but it is just not realistic.

The boom times have made us forget a simple truth about life which is there is no easy route to success and the more you put in the more you get out. Getting a degree is just the start of the journey to success not the final step to it. 

Listening to some graduates being interviewed who have just make half a dozen applications, not got a job and got down about it – sums up my point. Or thinking that doing a post graduate qualification will walk them into a great job – is just folly & an expensive one at that!

Getting a graduate job today and for the future will require a degree yes, but also real tenacity when applying i.e. getting loads of rejections,plus one other key element…

The way to truly maximise graduates job chances lies in doing lots of ‘foundation building ‘ work in the early years at University before graduation by which time, if little has been done,  it is often too late. That ‘foundation building’ involves getting broad ranges of work experience, from the very menial to highly relevant;  getting actively involved in student Societies (i.e. not just being a member and never taking part) & volunteering; building a network of contacts in the world of work; taking the time to find out & learn what you want to do as a career; in other words developing yourself to be much more than ‘just a graduate’.

The world gives to those who give. You reap what you sow. And to continue the analogy in the increasingly competitive world where the world has been so heavily ‘farmed’, the seeds that where sown in the past to yield fruit no longer do; you have to sow more and better seed.  

Put the ‘foundation work’ in during the University years and successful job hunting may well appear easy to others but you will know better.


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