Does the Government have a workable solution for the 2009 graduating year?

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There has been much talk about the Government helping this graduating year & the decrease in graduate jobs through an internship programme (including and most recently ‘The Graduate Talent Pool’)  but as so often with Government – big on talk and low on practical ‘make it happenness’. Large numbers of employers are not going to enthusiastically embrace this to go through the pain of recruiting graduate for a 8-10 week placement for two good reasons:

1. Most large recruiters already run internship programmes so have no more 8-10 week roles that would add value to the business

2. Which leaves the small and medium size companies to pick this up. Why should they, when they are under huge pressures already, go through all the pain of recruiting to have the graduates for a short time? I know we will be told that these graduates could do such a great job that you will keep them long term but employers cannot be sure of that from the outset.

So what is the solution as one is clearly needed?

Financial incentives is one – no government can keep relying on the goodwill of employers (as it seems to me that is what they are relying on) to take on these extra graduates and thus make the Government look good – especially in the current climate when Parliament is so poorly thought of.

And second an easy way to quickly and time efficiently recruit these graduates is needed. To do this genuine help / expertise / knowledge needs to be given to employers to help them spot the right talent quickly, so that rather than wading though volumes of CVs and interviews, they can access the right talent fast. And I genuinely beleive the current & all too traditional methods of doing this just will not work. For exmaples University Careers Offices are already too over stretched, online Job boards generate volume which creates the problem outlined already.

A new solution is needed which draws on other groups  and parties (including the students themselves who are all too often left out of coming up with the solution) as well as the smart use of technology. And if David Lammy or any one else from Government (by some tiny chance!!) is reading this then get in touch and I will share my ideas – but as I got the brush off recentlky from DIUS I do not hold out much hope!


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