Is HE failing to deliver what industry needs?

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This was one of the topics of the expert panel at the recent AGR conference and a question answered by Bill Rammell in his interview with Carl Gilleard (CEO of the AGR).

My view is that HE is turning out what industry used to want, which is academic achievement i.e. graduates with 2.1s etc. But industry, like all customers, now wants more. They want bright graduates who also have skills that will make them ready for the world of work. And HE like all large organisations is a slow ship to turn.  But it is turning.

My criticism would be that the responsibility for that ‘change’ is being out upon a too smaller group – namely the Careers Services. Yes they have a role to play, but academics do too.

But the biggest and most important group that can and wants to ensure students are more ready for the world of work are the  students themselves. More needs to be done to put them in control of this issue – achieve this and many more students will leave University better prepared for the world of work, which is good for everyone.


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